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Services we offer

  • Dry-cleaning  Our dry-cleaning machines are of the newest generation. We are constantly purifying the fluids to ensure your garments are clean and odor free.
  • Laundry  We offer a complete line of laundry services; including pants, shirts, sheets, napkins, and table cloths. All of these can be processed with or without starch.
  • Alterations  We offer a basic alteration service. For complex alterations please call tailor or seamstress specializing in your request.
  • Rug Cleaning  One of the only dry-cleaners to have a large rug cleaning service, Jenkins Cleaners can clean your rug in 24 hours; leaving you "rug-less" for a short amount of time. We can also pick-up & deliver for you convenience.
  • Drapery Cleaning  Just like the rug service no drape to large or to small.  We guarantee no shrinkage.
  • Race Team Uniform  Jenkins Cleaners "race-team division" is commented to picking up and delivering your teams clothing in a timely manor. All uniforms will be clean, repaired and odor free every time. 
  • Law Enforcement / Fire Dept. Uniforms  We understand the conditions these uniforms are put through.  We are trained to safely handle blood-borne pathogens that may have come in contact with these garments.  Uniforms are cleaned and repaired in a timely manner.
  • Equine Services  Days on the farm can be long.  Let us help you out.  Jenkins Cleaners can wash horse blankets, saddle pads, polo wraps, shipping boots, dog beds, basically anything that can get dirty we can clean it. Our process uses anti-microbial detergents to help prevent ringworm and other skin problems. These can be waterproofed upon request.  We also offer repairs and embroidery.
  • Stain Removal  Stain removal is a service we do not not charge extra.  Some discount cleaners advertise lower prices but with all the up-charges its all about the same.  If you are brave enough to try working on your stains yourself, we have found this site helpful:


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